Who wanna Mamá juana?

Whether you have been visiting the all-inclusive resorts of Punta Cana, have friends who are Dominican or are Dominican yourself — chances are you’ve heard of or came across the mythical drink, Mamá Juana. If you have not, then don’t stress because we’ve got you covered on “Nature’s Aphrodisiac”.

A little bit about Ma’

Mamá Juana is a compound drink that consists of an equal measure of rum, red wine, and honey. A distinctive feature of Mamá Juana is that there are herbs and tree barks in the bottle for which you let the mixture soak in. What you get is a love potion filled with all kinds of benefits, such as strengthening sexual desires and potency, hence the nickname “Nature’s Aphrodisiac” and “Liquid Viagra”.

Not only that — its intended use as a herbal tincture pulled from the barks and herbs that steeps into the alcohol — can act as a remedy for the flu, help with digestion and circulation, cleanse the blood, liver, and kidney. Long story short, it is your go-to medicine if you ever need a body cleanse or set the mood of the night. Wink. (Click here for more on medicinal uses of Mamá Juana)

Mamá Juana by El Taino — Clear rouge wine colour, tree barks and herbs visible

This beautiful small bottle of Mamá Juana was given to me as a gift from a great friend of mine, Yormin, who made a vacay stop to Punta Cana, the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic (Fortunately, I’ve already tapped into this beauty and what I can share is that it has a taste similar to port wine). This is already pre-mixed but you can also buy the bottle without the liquid, leaving you with just the herbs and bark inside. The blue bottle shown in the featured image is my DIY kit. I have produced and consumed the product over the years, and over-time the flavours become more in-depth.

Mamá would be proud (Doing it yourself)

When you acquire your own dry kit — whether you pick it up at the airport or purchase it online — you are ready to start making your own concoction. You are going to need three ingredients:

  • Red wine (any works, choose to your preference)
  • Rum (white or dark, once again preference)
  • Honey (preference, preference, preference)

And the procedure is as follows:

  1. Start by curing the barks with white rum (They say you could just start with an alcohol/honey mixture, but for the first run it seems more cost-efficient)
  2. Give the bottle a good shake, then let the bark and herbs soak for at least a week to two. This stage is to release the initial bitterness from the barks/roots, which makes for a more drinkable first batch.
  3. Discard the liquid (drink if you must), and then follow with making the mixture. The amount to mix in is up to you, but the generic mix is equal parts wine, rum, and honey. Keep in mind the total measure of your bottle and adjust accordingly (To give it a cultured twist, I used Cachaça rum and wildflower honey).
  4. Let sit once again for 3 days minimum, up to 2 weeks. As with many other alcoholic drinks, the longer you let it sit the better it tastes.

Mamá Juana is to be consumed at room temperature, neat and on the off-hand sometimes over ice. A video will be posted soon with the procedure process.

Thank you all for reading! Want more like this? Have a location that we should visit? Recipe ideas? Write us a comment and let us know.

Until the next flight, stay soigne.

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