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Giuliano Vieira
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Born in Toronto, risen with the influence to South American culture — and driven by my passions, I am Giuliano Vieira. A culinary professional, George Brown alumni and now currently enrolled in a business degree program for Hospitality & Tourism Management at Humber, I am on a journey to create an innovative movement and interactive experiences.

Equipped with industry experience to culinary and hospitality, I have worked for renowned Toronto chefs such as Claudio Aprile Felipe Facciolias well as various community events, which adds a blessing to my discipline. Currently employed at Portland Variety in Toronto.

I am constantly inspired by how limitless the dynamic media & culinary world can be, and travel on to gain new knowledge to which I can apply in content to share with you. Let this blog be a community of where we can share our journey together. Stay Soigne. 

Havana, Cuba 2016

Hey everyone!! My name is Giuliana Donia, I am 23 years old, Toronto born and raised culinary professional with an Italian background.  My favourite things to do are finding new and exciting dishes in the city, and travelling the world. I started blogging to share with you my experiences from exploring Toronto, and other cities around the world.

I obtained my culinary diploma from George Brown College- Culinary management Integrated and am currently enrolling to further my education in PR and media communications. With my culinary diploma I had the opportunity to work within the Oliver and Bonacini chain, at Levetto under the tutelage of Shahir Massoud now seen on CBC The Goods, and Portland Variety.


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