Almond Date & Raisin Breakfast Bars

A little birdie requested that we do a take on a healthy, wholesome granola bar — so we did. Not too sweet, full of wholesome ingredients, and yet still tastes like a treat. Did I forget to mention its also vegan? Get a quick boost to your mornings with this quick recipe to almond date & raisin…

Middle-Eastern Style Pickled Turnips

Beginning the journey of our preservation experimentation (try saying that three times fast), we turn to pickling as we tackle turnips and giving them the Middle-Eastern treatment. These pickled turnips are addicting, packed with a bit of heat, and the best compliment to your gyros, shawarma, kebab, or even on its own!

Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Are you thinking about what to have for breakfast but want to try something new? Or craving a snack in the middle of the day? Or throwing a party and want to please the guests? You’re in luck, these Brazilian cheese bread are a classic favourite!

Flank Steak Lettuce Wraps

Mexican for dinner? or Asian? These wraps both healthy and delicious will satisfy any craving. I came up with this recipe as I was having a hard time getting out of a funk of always eating and preparing the dame things for dinner. I felt like I was on a weekly schedule of meals, and…

Meet the Chef: Jed Smith

Welcome to a new section called “Meet the Chef”, where we connect and reach out to many of the cities talented Chef’s. We ask a series of questions that revolve around the culinary world — the community, industries, food, and trends — as well as personal adventures and goals.

Who wanna Mamá juana?

Whether you have been visiting the all-inclusive resorts of Punta Cana, have friends who are Dominican or are Dominican yourself — chances are you’ve heard of or came across the mythical drink, Mamá Juana. If you have not, then don’t stress because we’ve got you covered on “Nature’s Aphrodisiac”.

Dessert Anyone?

Holidays roll around or you have a special event and you aren’t sure what to make for dessert? This delicious mille-feuille will have your guest leaving speechless. Aesthetically pleasing and even more delicious, this dessert consists of using fresh fruit, a lemon pastry cream, puff pastry sheets, and it is all garnished with a simple…

Cairns and Brisbane

Sydney was a beautiful beginning to our Australian travel, but it was now time to take our journey to Cairns and visit one of the great wonders of the natural world The Great Barrier Reef. We spent 4 days in Cairns soaking up some sun, visiting a Koala Sanctuary in Kuranda, and eating our way…

Don’t Miss The Beet on This Salad

Got friends & family coming over? Want to impress your date but don’t know what to whip up? How about a salad on-the-go? Or don’t know jack about beets? Well don’t beet yourself up yet because we got you covered with this vibrant beet salad!